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From time to time we work with a colleague who stands out, who demonstrates resilience, creates exceptional value, has boundless energy and remains focused and positive even under enormous pressure. We marvel at how they can get so much done and still manage to have lunch breaks and weekends. We think of this colleague as a high performer.

The good news is that we can all be ‘that colleague’. We are not born as a high performer, nor as an average performer or an under performer. The attributes of high performance are largely a result of learned behaviours. We just need to know what these behaviours are in order to unlock our performance potential.

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Performance Potential AssessmentsReach your performance potential

Before you embark on a behaviour change program it is essential to have an understanding of where you are right now. The Performance Potential Assessment provides you with a comprehensive report of how well or how poorly you are managing your personal performance. We offer a collection of assessments to suit a range of needs and budgets. More info →


Foundations of Personal Performance

Thinking more positively, building healthy relationships, managing information overload, effectively planning workflow, balancing stress with recovery and renewing energy are just some of the attributes of a high performer and are all essential behaviours in a high performing organisation. Yet most of us need help mastering these skills. Foundations of Personal Performance builds or refreshes these skills by addressing the full spectrum of personal performance challenges. This program can be delivered in a half-day, a full-day workshop or as a series of 90-minute workshops. Make an inquiry →


Performance Boost Program

Combining assessments, workshops and group fitness, this six-week program boosts the performance of up to 25 participants. Achieving in the corporate world and preparing elite athletes for performance have a lot of common denominators. Intense effort, focused concentration, reaching milestones and the ability to recover are all fundamental to success. Performance Boost is a proven way to not only improve the health and fitness levels of your key business partners, but also continue the important messages of leadership, communication and teamwork thereby maintaining the ‘performance edge’ over your competitors. Make an inquiry →


Personalised Coaching ProgramsCoaching for sustained performance and resilience

The Performance Clinic specialises in delivering exceptional coaching programs for individuals and teams. Smart organisations understand that investing in effective coaching is a cost-effective solution to increase performance, reduce risk and retain talented employees. Find out more about The Performance Clinic coaching services.


Advanced Personal Performance

Once the four elements of performance are mastered, we have a range of workshops, coaching and training to continue this personal and professional development. Our coaching is a customised, science-based approach designed to strategically help sustain performance and increase productivity under pressure. More info →



Our online coaching solution includes up to 25 modules delivered online to your desktop, iPad or iPhone. Once we have assessed where your team need help, we design a program to build your strengths and to eliminate your weaknesses. More info →